Reskilling & Upskilling Program

  • Training and skills development programmes

  • Malaysians of all ages

What is Reskilling & Upskilling Program?

  • Upskill Malaysia is a national 'single window' digital platform that provides comprehensive information on all training and skills development programmes offered by the Government of Malaysia through its ministries and agencies.
  • Open to all Malaysians, this integrated online platform was created to provide an ecosystem that nurtures continuous skills enhancement and promotes lifelong learning for Malaysian talents.
  • Objective of Reskilling & Upskilling Program:
    1. Assist Malaysians in finding relevant training courses to enhance their skills and knowledge while improving their marketability.
    2. Improve competitiveness and employability for job seekers while preparing them for long term career success with in-demand industries.
    3. Manage and monitor all upskilling, reskilling and multi-skilling programmes offered by government ministries and agencies in a centralised, structured, and cohesive manner.

Skills Areas Example of Courses
Accounting & Finance
  • Professional Certificate in Applied Financial Skills for Start Ups
  • Money and Business Mastery
  • Certified in Basic Accounting
Acturial & Statistics
  • Share Market Masterclass
  • Agile Project Management
  • Professional Certificate in Google Analytics (GA) for E-Commerce
Administration & Clerical
  • Executive Programme in Virtual Human Resource
  • Accelerated Aircraft Engineer Upksilling
  • Oprasi Penyelenggaraan Pesawat
  • Professional Programme in Drone Technology
Biotechnology & Chemistry
  • Masterclass in Hydroponic Modern Farming
  • Smart Farming and Fertigation System
Computer & Information Technology
  • Data Science and Analytics for Industry 4.0
  • Data Automation and Analytics for Industry 4.0
  • AI and Machine Learning Competence for Industry 4.0
Creative Design
  • Merekabentuk & Pengeluaran Jahitan Kreatif
  • Kursus Persijilan Professional Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020
  • Adobe Illustrator
Creativity & Innovation
  • Presembahan Musik Tradisional
  • Koordinasi Musik Tradisional
  • Certified Mobile App Developer
Education & Training
  • NHRCI Dual Certification program (SPHRI MYCSP)
  • NHRCI Dual Certification Program (PHRi & MyCP)
  • Global Online Workforce (GLOW)
  • Engineering Competence for Industry 4.0
  • IoT and Green Technology Building Talent
  • Telecommunication & Fiber Optic
Food & Beverage
  • Usahawan Insan Dalam Pengeluaran Kuih Melayu
  • Pembuatan Pasti & Roti
  • Baking Program
Hotel & Tourism
  • Interpretasi Ekopelancongan
  • Executive Programme in Tourism Management
  • Pemandu Pelancong Alam Semula Jadi
Journalism, Publishing, Communications and Media
  • The Art of E-Videography
  • Professional Photographer
  • Corporate Programme in Social Media Management
Maintenance Systems & Control
  • Inside and Outside Fiber Plant: Installer and Tester
  • Fiber Competency Program
  • Professional Technician For Instant Water Heater Training
Management & Strategic Management
  • Fit4Work
  • Professional Certificate in Personal Brand Building for Entrepreneurs
  • Certified Project Management
Manufacturing & Production
  • Certified Total Productivity & Quality Control Technician
  • Hydroponic Techniques
  • Urban Farming Course
Marketing & Sales
  • E-Dagang
  • Graduate Business programme
  • EntrepreneurMOHE @PUNB “Empowering Business Through Digitalisation”
Medical & Healthcare
  • Certificate in Manicure Pedicure Entrepreneurship
  • Professional Certificate in Business and Healthcare Management – FELINE
  • Postnatal Care Entrepreneur
New & High Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Mobile App Entrepreneur
  • Professional Certificate in Digital Workforce
Process & Operation
  • Manufacturing Operating Essential Skills
  • Production Operator Basic Skill
  • Digital Marketing Solution
Public Relations & Customer Service
  • Communication and Personal Branding
Purchsaing, Logistics and Supply Chain
  • Introduction to Logistics Management
Quality & Productivity
  • Certified Quality System Technician
  • Sewing Skills Development Program (BASIC)
  • Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Course
Safety & Health
  • Personalized Fitness Trainer/Instructor Workshop
  • Safety & Health Practitioner
  • Facial Therapy Course
Team Building & Motivation
  • Certificate in Professional Development

For the complete list of courses, please visit HERE

Who is eligible for Reskilling & Upskilling Program?

  • Upskill Malaysia is open to all Malaysians.
  • There is no age limit for registration.

How do I apply for Reskilling & Upskilling Program?

  • Interested parties should click on this registration link, fill up all required information and complete all the steps as instructed.
  • Application period differs based on individual courses. Refer to the respective courses for more information.
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