Targeted Wage Subsidy Programme (PSU 5.0)

  • Financial assistance paid to the employer of each enterprise for each local employee.

  • Employers and Enterprises from tourism and related sectors with a decrease rate of 30% or more of total sales or revenue

  • Closing Date:31-Mar-22

What is PSU 5.0?

  • PSU is a financial assistance paid to the employer of each enterprise for each local employee.
    1. It is targeted towards employers operating in the tourism sector, who experienced a decrease in income of at least 30% of total sales or income
    2. It is a wage subsidy of RM600 per month for each employee, for 3 months
    3. It is limited to 500 employees per claim
  • The purpose of the PSU is to assist employers who are economically affected by COVID-19 as well as the closure of operations during the Movement Control Order (PKP) in order to continue the company's operations and prevent employees from losing their jobs and sources of income for all enterprises.

Who is eligible for the PSU 5.0?

  • Employers and Enterprises from tourism and related sectors
    1. For example, hotel activities, aviation, travel agencies, money changing agencies and other related enterprises
    2. The list of relevant industry activities can be found in Appendix A
  • A decrease rate of 30% or more of total sales or revenue for October / November / December for 2021 compared to any month in 2019 /2020 /2021 prior to the outbreak of COVID-19.
  • Employers and their employees must be registered or contribute with SOCSO before 1 January 2022.
  • Employers have registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM) or Local Authorities (PBT) before 1 January 2022

How do I apply for the PSU 5.0?

  • New applications must be submitted by the employer through the PSU Portal
  • For existing employers, who are or have received PSU 1.0, PSU 2.0, PSU 3.0 and PSU 4.0:
    1. Need to submit a new application for PSU 5.0 on the PSU Portal as the conditions of PSU 5.0 are different from the previous PSU
    2. Need to update changes in information after receiving payment of claims in subsequent months, in the event of a change to the status of business activity or the number of eligible employees through the system. Failure by the employer not to report such changes may result in legal action.
  • The documents required for the application are:
    1. List of names of employees (according to the eligibility requirements that have been set)
    2. Employer's bank account information (copy of bank statement front page only)
    3. Business Registration Number (BRN) information registered by the employer when opening a bank account. Please consult the bank and ensure that the BRN No. and account No. are correct to avoid any inconvenience
    4. Copy of registration of SSM / ROS / ROB / PBT or other organizations
    5. PSU Declaration 5.0
  • Employers from sectors and industrial activities that are not listed in Appendix A and are still affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 can submit an appeal online through the Appeals Portal
    1. SOCSO reserves the right to determine the decision for any appeal application submitted based on reasonable grounds and documents and the decision is final
  • The application deadline for PSU 5.0 BUDGET 2022 is 31 March 2022 and is subject to the allocation of government funds under BUDGET 2022

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