• E-wallet credit of RM150

  • For 18-20 year old Malaysians / full-time students in IHLs                        

What is ePemula?

  • The ePemula programme is one of the initiatives announced under Budget 2022 which aims to :
    1. Lighten the burden on youth’s expenses;
    2. Encourage cashless spending by youth; and
    3. Increase the adoption of cashless transactions by brick and mortar businesses
  • This programme is expected to benefit approximately two (2) million eligible Malaysians, with an allocation of RM300 million
  • Each recipient is eligible to claim an e-wallet credit of RM150
    1. The claim period for the ePemula credit is from 11 April 2022 to 1 June 2022 and the credit can be spent until 10 June 2022

  • You can use the RM150 ePemula credit for any physical transactions at the 1.2 million network of merchants through your chosen e-wallet, EXCEPT THE FOLLOWING:
    1. Peer-to-peer transfers;
    2. Cash-outs;
    3. App-integrated payment of utility bills;
    4. App-integrated payment of Government related fees/payments;
    5. App-integrated payment of telco postpaid bills and prepaid service top-ups;
    6. App-integrated games purchases;
    7. App-integrated parking and/or toll fees payments;
    8. App-integrated investment-related activities; and
    9. E-commerce or online transactions
  • The ePemula RM150 incentive is meant for offline retail* spending following the reopening of the economy. This is part of the steps taken to support Malaysian brick-and-mortar retailers who are part of the Malaysian businesses community, especially the SMEs.
  • *However, vouchers, coins, discounts provided by e-Wallet service providers as additional incentives can be used online

Who is eligible to receive the ePemula?

  • This programme is open to all Malaysian citizens:
    1. Who have attained the age of 18 – 20 years old in 2022 (born in year 2002 to 2004); OR
    2. Who are full-time students enrolled in courses equivalent to diploma or SKM4 and above in public or private institutes of higher learning (IHLs) in Malaysia recognised by the relevant ministries
  • Eligible youths’ data will be cross checked with registered IHLs and other relevant Government databases

How can I apply for ePemula?

  • Applications can be made via the following steps:
    1. Download the participating e-wallet application from Apple App Store, Google Playstore or Huawei AppGallery. The participating e-wallets are BigPay, GrabPay, ShopeePay, and Touch ‘n Go eWallet
    2. For new users or existing users, follow the instructions shown in the e-wallet app. The e-wallet operator will verify your identity electronically
    3. On your chosen e-wallet app, insert the required information on the ePemula claim page and click “Submit”
    4. You will thereafter be notified if your claim is successful
  • Eligible recipients can only claim the ePemula credit once from one (1) chosen e-wallet operator. Please refer to the participating e-wallet apps for more details on claiming the credit
  • For detailed information, please refer to the ePemula FAQs